Satellite Equipment

Complete Satellite Dish Rotator System with Outdoor Drive Unit, Indoor Control Box and Remote Control.

This gives you a very economical approach to having VAST TV on your Houseboat.


Mount your rotator to a fixed 50mm pole and then fix your dish and pole assembly to the rotator.


The very nature of water being flat means that you do not need to alter the elevation angle of your dish once set, simply rotate your dish  to the direction of Optus C1 VAST satellite.

The digital display on the internal box is shown in degrees, so park your boat, check where magnetic north is and rotate your dish to that direction from inside your lounge.

Tech Stuff:

The elevation of your dish on lake Eildon will always remain the same at 45.6 deg. Set once

Your LNB (the receiver) needs to be rotated to + 20 degrees.  Set once.

Then your ready

The direction of the Satellite is around 10.2 degrees east of true north.

Those with a magnetic compass, that is very close to magnetic north which is around 11.5 degrees east.

The unit when setup requires 240v to operate from a small inverter.

As this is an American unit, it also requires a 240v to 110v adapter.

All equipment comes with on-site design, tips and tricks and fitting instructions. 

  • Antenna Rotator System     $430.00

  • 240v to 110v adapter           $47.80


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