Houseboat Solar


Batteries Flat over Winter?

Upgrading to an Electric Fridge?

Generator too noisy?


We are based at Lake Eildon, Victoria and with 35 + years of Electrical, Electronic and Computer system experience and we like to share a little knowledge and help out those who enjoy the Houseboat life.

Solar installations for boats are totally different to the Solar systems for houses.. There are no tariffs to benefit from and no backup power grid to fall back on when the sun goes down.          


You need a system that just works.

All Houseboat Solar Systems need to be custom designed to suit the boat owners power expectations and requirements.


Its no rocket science, but guess work is a recipe for disappointment.

Power in MUST be more than Power out!!!!!


Let us help you out with your Solar Requirements.

Appraisals, Design and Installation of:

  • Solar Panels

  • House Batteries,

  • 240v Inverters and

  • Satellite TV systems 


Send us an email or call for a chat.

Greg - 0410 650 343

Tim -   0409 724 332


All equipment comes with on-site design, tips and tricks and fitting instructions.